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    Your location: Home > Products > CNC Horizontal Lathe > Flat Bed Type Lathe > CK6140 CNC Lathe Machine
    CK6140 CNC Lathe Machine
    • CK6140 CNC Lathe Machine

    • CK6140 CNC Lathe Machine

    • CK6140 CNC Lathe Machine

    CK6140 CNC Lathe Machine

    Description:YUJIE Brand CK6140 CNC Lathe Machine

    • ProductModel:CK6140-750/1000/1500
    • Manufacturer's nature:China
    • Update time:2015/3/16 18:00:56
    • Visits:5603

                                  Features of CNC Lathe CK6140

    1,Spindle adopts HRB high precision double ball bearing, low noise, high precision, good stability. 

    2, The ultrasonic frequency quenched guide ways have a good wear-resistance. 

    3, Electric four position turret adopts precision gear position, high repetitive positioning accuracy. 

    4, The tailstock frame has the advantages of fast cam clamping device, high work efficiency.

    5, AC servo motor drive.




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